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Half of programming and half of systems admin both, is managing the people you have to answer to, to let them design the systems the way they actually need to be designed.
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So hey, Sophos is really screwing up here.

I would advise you to dump them if at all possible. mastodon.hasameli.com/media/Rr

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This may get Nofftopia's domain blocked but... Nofftopia won't block other domains. I am very anti-censorship and pro freedom of speech. If you personally do not like what someone is saying - it's /your/ right to block them. If the nonsense continues, then I'll mediate, but I will not force my will on others. Give peace a chance! ✌🏼❤️

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@algernon @Balor I would also like to point out Mikrotik devices, it's doubtful there are any nearby, but I have had great experiences with them. routerboard.com/products/group

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ProjectImplicit shows implicit or unconscious biases we all have. Since we can't change the existence of bias, the best way forward ist to make ourselves aware of it, moving from unconscious bias to conscious one, so that we can compensate. I highly recommend taking the test, if you have somewhere to run Flash in a safe env.


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@dtluna Im listening to Frank Klepacki now, I am enjoying this. its nice and heavy, I prefer it a little more electronic but this is good.
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Nofftopia is connected to 167 instances. Use to be over 600, but we had a glitch. It would be extremely rad if y'all could boost this and help get Nofftopia reconnected to the federation! 🍻

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I don't even think people *realize* what has happened here: a sketchy VPN company has incrementally taken over one of the most critical pieces of infrastructure for FOSS (freenode) and also a major social network (Snoonet).


If this situation seems screwy to you, boost the hell out of it so people find out and can ask more questions.

@kaniini The idealist in me says they are doing it because they like the internet and things on it. I know if I had a bunch of money I would want to support things I like.

The cynic in me says "RUN".

@squirrel I was having that same issue on my instance, then it just started working somehow...

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When (WHEN) it is verified that Private Internet Access is affiliated with the intelligence community, I will be over here on truly open platforms (Mastodon, Matrix) laughing about it.

One needs to be very concerned about why a private corporation is buying up social infrastructure connected to FOSS and its offshoots.

Currently the only difference is that I now struggle to stay within 500 characters instead of 140. For all of the change in the world, everything remains the same.

I thought I wanted to be different on mastodon vs. other social networks. Alas, I am falling into old habits and being largely read-only.

Be glad that you aren't missing out on much, as I would probably only toot about whatever random, half-baked, never-to-be-finished side-project I happen to be hacking on at the moment.

Currently: A bittorrent tracker written in go.

Previously: A single-user only federating social network thing with plugins in js.

You're welcome for not tooting more.

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fucking early prodigy was so fucking rad.
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