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terribleplan @terribleplan

Context: I am a bad person and need to upgrade my Mastodon instance, so someone felt the need to send me a GDPR demand over it.

Did the EU really pass a law so poorly written so as to at tempt to impose a literally impossible burden upon some random guy in the US who happens to run a Mastodon instance?

What is expected of of that? Log scrubbing? Modifying my backups? Nothing since I'm not a business and don't conduct business?

What are the consequences? Could someone in the EU sue me? How do I check if someone is actually a citizen and I need to comply?

The whole thing just seems half-baked and crazy to me right now.

Trying to toot more, Day 6: disregard day 5. On Sunday I rested.

@ori nah, that was just that my free credit on Google cloud, which I use for storage, ran out.

I'm working on entirely overhauling the infrastructure, so it is taking a little while.

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Trying to toot more, Day 4: it is still day 4

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Happy 420, from America and my clogged cardiovascular system.

Trying to toot more, Day 3: Yep.

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Trying to toot more, Day 2: I'm out of content. Time to stop tooting? Never!

Let the shitposts begin.

Wait, how do I shitpost?

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Regarding Facebook tracking non-users Mark Zuckerberg said "This kind of data collection is fundamental to how the internet works."

I'm not a networking expert but I know enough to be able to confidently say that nothing at all about this data collection is fundamental to how the Internet works. I guess he was using Silicon Valley speak where "the internet" means "huge corporations who make most of their money by selling ads and illegally collecting as much data as possible".

@Elizafox because change takes effort. Because Apache still works. Because many problems aren't as large as people think.

But really, probably becuase whatever shared host they are using runs Apache.


@FrozenDroid that's no joke, it's a feature / way for a failing company to make money.

@animeirl I have moved to it exclusively and am quite happy.

Trying to toot more, Day 1: Nobody knows I exist. Perfect. Now nobody will see the random useless shit I spew, or bitch about how out of date my Mastodon instance is.

@ori welcome, I am working on updating the version of Mastodon this instance is running, I would understand if you don't want to wait though.

@angryalex I will look into this, though as you noticed I have been putting off a major upgrade of Mastodon itself. Mainly there are changes in the way the media storage works, as I implemented the Google cloud storage + CloudFlare solution myself.