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Alex Shaffer @angryalex

@terribleplan I can understand its a non trivial amount of work and its not like your are getting paid for any of it. I appreciate it is a labor of love. Thanks for getting back to me.

Looks like I'll hang my mastodon hat over at No errors and a more current version of Mastodon.

@terribleplan 500 errors when trying to update an avatar, is gone, is being actively maintained?

@ori Yeah, that's been my experience since joining yesterday as well. Think it's an issue with

Really enjoying playing Minecraft on our Horizons III server. Scratches a powerful itch.

Working on an old Windows XP Pro box has made me realize that in spite of my grumblings about OS X these days, boy howdy, it could be lots worse.

This has got to be so much better than Facebook. Now if only I could set my profile picture without an error...